The Institute Rhythmik & Percussion was founded in 1989 by Florcita Birtner-Gesslein and Rolf Grillo and offers a wide range of activities for children, teenagers and adults. Individuals, teams, institutions, companies and institutions are professionally advised and receive tailor-made solutions for various workplaces and target groups.

Rhythmics is a holistic method that uses the combination of music, movement, and voice to promote human development. It was developed by Emil Jaques Dalcroze. * July 6, 1865 in Vienna; † July 1, 1950 in GenevaRetour ligne automatique
Rhythm is thereby the natural, ordering principle of time and space, which gives life dynamism and peace.Retour ligne automatique
Percussion is a collective term for percussion instruments. We develop the ability to shape time and space through the differentiated play of percussion instruments.Retour ligne automatique
Rhythmics and Percussion are based on the old tradition of singing, sounding and moving as an elementary, necessary expressive form.

Rhythmgames pedagogy is a method developed by Rolf Grillo.
For "man is only wholly man, where he plays." (Friedrich Schiller)

The institute Rhythmik & Percussion is a member of the Rhythmik e.V. and

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