Groove - move - sing and play!

This is the theme of 3. Rhythm games international meeting.
When we start a game, we never know how it will turn out.


I am very much looking forward to the 3rd Rhyhm Games International Meeting together with Tine Fries and Kristoffer Fynbo Torning.
Tine and Kristoffer have written a very inspiring book together.
"Icebreaker". In this book are games and exercises that bring people of all ages together. Through "icebreaker" the participants share new experiences. Ice breakers promote a positive atmosphere and strengthen the social bonds of a group by using music and games to get there.
In the workshop you will introduce selected ICEBREAKERS and lead us into an experimental space.
In addition, e’s work deals with voice, expression and presence.
Rolf Grillo will open his rhythm games magic box and present and play selected games using various materials such as stones, sticks or cups.
The exact content will be online soon.

Tine Fries, Kistoffer Fynbo Thorning, Rolf Grillo

Tine Fries

02 Tine

is a professional singer and vocal teacher with a degree from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark.
In the choir and vocal music scene she is known for her remarkable voice and stage presence. She has written innovative arrangements for the Danish pop choirs Sensation and Vocal Line and catchy compositions for the A capella Electronic Project "Postyr" She has more than 10 years of experience in the training of soloists, choirs and vocal groups from amateur to professional in vocals and performance.
Grounding, interaction and trust are key concepts in Tine’s approach to group dynamics.

Kistoffer Fynbo Torning

03 Kristoffer

is a professional singer, beatboxer, tech enthusiast student at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark specializing in contemporary singing.
Known throughout the choral and vocal music scene for its pioneering approach to ecappella (electronic a cappella) music. On stage he gives his electronic sounds and beats of the a cappella group Postyr his special feature.
He has more than 8 years experience in teaching choirs and vocal groups from amateur to professional in vocals and performance.
Together with Tine he organizes the Postyr summercamp, with different workshops for beginners and advanced.

Rolf Grillo

04 Rolf

studies Dipl. Rhythmik at the Highschool for Music and Theater in Hannover. He is a rhythm player, musician, musical globetrotter, passionate pedagogue and artist.
His travels took him to Africa, Brazil, Trinidad/Tobago, New York and New Zealand. Author of the book award-winning book "Rhythm Games of the World", heads the Institute Rhythmik & Percussion in Freiburg and has been playing with the Ghanaian artist Kofi Onny for 28 years in rhythm theater GRILLONNY.


Arrival from 16:00 clock
Dinner 6:00 pm
Course start: Thu: 19:30 - 21:00 clock
Friday: 9:00 - 12:00 15:00 - 18:00 19:30 -21: 00
Saturday: 9:00 - 12:00 15:00 - 18:00 Evening: open space
Sunday: 9:00 - 12:00 after lunch together, departure

Registration, Course Fee

The course takes place in the seminar house Kapellenhof near Gießen. Wonderful seminar rooms, rooms for different needs (single, double, shared with or without bath), a small chapel, a sauna, a fireplace and especially the vegetarian, ayurvedic cooking by Helmut Stuckert create an ideal setting for a creative exchange.

Course fee: 300,00 €, for Out off Beat members 270,00 €.
In addition there are costs for accommodation and meals (maximum full settlement in single room € 210.00.) The costs for accommodation and meals please refer to the homepage of the seminar house.
Please download enrollment form and send it signed to Rolf Grillo, Harriet Straub Str. 41, 79100 Freiburg