When we start a game, we never know how it’s gonna end.

Rhythm Games International – Freiburg

Mirabolâncias: Brazilian Music Games & Body Percussion, Estêvão Marques (Brasilien)
Circle Songs and Vocal - Improvisation, Andreas Gerber (Switzerland)
Gossip games of different cultures, Rolf Grillo (Germany)
I am very happy that I could invite Estêvão Marques from Brazil to Freiburg for the year 2020. We were both course leaders at the International Summer School 2019 at the Orff Institute Salzburg and got to know each other there. The "spark" was immediately ignited. Together with my friend and colleague Andreas Gerber from Switzerland we are now organizing for the first time: Rhythm Games International Freiburg.


Brazilian Music Games & Body Percussion, Estêvão Marques (Brasil)
A meeting with Brazilian popular culture from the point of view of children.
Estêvão has songs, dances and rhythms that are played at folk festivals, for example, are selected and arranged for pedagogical work in the school/classroom. Join us on a rhythmic journey to Brazil, with body percussion, musical spoons, dance, stories, melodies, humour and playful lightness. This is the great richness of folklore: it is always alive and is recreated again and again in creative play. Estêvão

Cirlce Songs and Vocal Improvisation, Andreas Gerber (Switzerland)
Pure voice: Improvised a-capella music that emerges from the moment in a circle,
without notes, in connection, groovy, harmonious, dynamic, filigree or simply exhilarating.
Gossip games of different cultures, Rolf Grillo (Germany)
There are gossip games in the whole world in the most different variants. They are challenging, bringing people playfully into contact with themselves and others. We play partner and gossip games, singing and dancing.

The instructors

Music studies in São Paulo, Brazil. Researcher of Brazilian folklore. Member of the Grupo Triii and teacher at the San Francisco Orff Course in the USA. He gives workshops all over the world: Turkey, Colombia, Uruguay, Taiwan, Hong Kong... and Brazil. Musical director of the radio program "Muitas coisas poucas palavras, an Ensinar and Aprender" Francisco Marques (Chico dos Bonecos).
Worldwide percussion spoon researcher and author of the book "Colherim" (instructions for playing traditional Brazilian rhythms with spoons as instruments). Leader of the online course "Music and Movement".
Author of the book "Brazil for Children" (+ CD with 30 songs) and author of the collection "Historias que cantam" (Song Stories), awarded by the Ministry of Education of the City of São Paulo. Co-author of the collection "" Brincadeiras and Brincadeirinhas Musicais Palavra Cantada ".
Member of the music group Kind "Palavra Cantada" with Paulo Tatit and Sandra Peres. Played with Chico César, Antonio Nobrega and the group "Barbatuques".
On his homepage you can find his music and many video clips.

Andreas Gerber, improvisation, drumming and percussion, training and further education in body music For over 20 years lecturer for "music pedagogy in social work" and "media and creativity" at the FHNW (Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit) and teaching positions for TaKeTiNa and "rhythm and percussion in school" at the Musikakademie Basel CDs with Megadrums, Hati-Hati, Roland van Straaten anda. Together with Karin Enz Gerber he runs the studio for body music in Liestal.
More information about Andreas and his work can be found at: www.koerpermusik.ch

Rolf Grillo, Dipl. Rhythmiker, musician with focus on percussion, drums, music and movement. Musical globetrotter. Study trips to Africa, Brazil, Trinidad Tobago and New York. He is the author of the award-winning Mulitmedia book Rhythm Games of the World. He is the director of the Institute Rhythmics & Percussion in Freiburg and has been playing with the Ghanaian artist Kofi Onny in the rhythm theatre GRILLONNY for 25 years.


Saturday 10:00 - 13:00, Lunchbreak 15:00 -18:00 Uhr
Sunday: 9:00 - 12:00, Lunchbreak 13:30 - 16:00 Uhr

Registration, Course-fee

The course takes place in the wonderful rooms of the Waldorf School St. Georgen.
Bergiselstr. 11, Freiburg.
Fee: 230,00 €, for early bookers until 15 July 200,00 €.
Discounts for pupils and students on request.
Please download the registration form

Registration Form, Rhythm games

and send it signed to Rolf Grillo, Harriet Straub Str. 41, 79100 Freiburg, Germany